#TBT : Preparations for craft party 2015

We just received the infor and dates for Craft Party 2016 and despite the fact that the dates fall onto the month of Ramadan, (as predicted ;p), we are super psych!!

Let’s take a throwback and a peak at what the preps of 2015 were..

Last year, the theme was Paper taking Shape. And paper was not our forte ;p Thankfully for us, we found and collaborated with talented crafters. They are Azallea Craft-Smiths, The Cotton Shoppe, Ozzy and Lulu, The Artbug, Rough Beauty and Noruyo Creations, who helped to contribute to the execution of the party this year.

Here’s what went behind Simply for Love’s scene

Make sure you mobilise the crowd at home to help out! ;p

Watercolor Paper into bracelet!

Watercolor kaleidoscope gems!

DIY Felt Etsy Banner

The local Etsy Craftivist SG