Think of a separate corner during your main event to keep the kids from running around wild and screaming. Think of a group of kids sitting around a table working on a craft during a birthday party, wedding, restaurant dining, corporate parties, etc.


That is where we come in and ‘babysit’ the children while the parents enjoy their dined in experience. As parents, we often find ourselves ‘lazy’ to go out and eat when small children often get restless as soon as they finished their plates. Moms who wished for a ‘venting session’ with girlfriends would find it useful where they can park their children for an hour or two while they have a chat with their friends.

We also provide fringe activities for birthday parties where we would turn up the party creative buttons. Kids can enjoy the following with aid of 2 trainers.



“I have to admit – when I first received the invite, I had envisioned the fringe activities to be the obligatory colouring sheets and simple craft works. But boy, was I wrong big-time. The monkies were kept so occupied with the activities that we ended up spending up two whole hours there… and that didn’t include our dining time! “ – Blogger: Cheeky!



Recommended for: Children aged 6 and above.


Get a sneak peak on what batik painting is about. Batik painting is a technique of hand-dyeing fabrics by using wax as a dye repellant to cover parts of a design, dyeing the uncovered fabric with a color(s) and dissolving the wax in boiling water!


Participants will get to choose from a set of designs and use their imagination in mixing and blending primary colours to create a myriad of enchanting colours in the creation of their masterpiece. Each participant will get to bring home their creation and get mom and dad to frame it for them.


This activity covers:

• Using of fabric dyes on pre-waxed painted fabrics

• Understanding colours and blending of colours using primary colours!

Batik Painting

Felt Superhero Masks

Recommended for: Children aged 6 and above.

Let your imagination run wild with a piece of felt. Felt is unlike paper or foam. It is a non-woven fabric that is durable and soft. Participants will be provided with templates of various superhero masks and crowns.


What is your favourite superhero? Create and be the superhero you fancy! Superman – Wonder Woman – Batman – Ironman – Spiderman – Hulk – Robin – Flash – Green Lantern – Captain America. Time for a play-pretend superhero in the house! !

Or do you prefer to be the princess or prince with your own set of crown and tiara? Just follow the template provided and embellish them with jewels and buttons to make it unique and pretty. Wear it high on your throne and be the princess that you are!


This activity covers:

• Simple cutting of felt and pasting !
• Use of embellishments to design own personalised crowns !

Block Printing

Tile Painting

Block printing on fabric or paper; both are fun and allow participants to create a seamless pattern or a tiled pattern which they can turn it into a small pouch or a note cover/envelope. Fun and engaging for a small or big group.


Recommended for children and adults.


This activity covers:

  • Experience the various types of rubber or lino blocks, fabric paint and base cloth for printing.  

  • Demonstration of rubber carving available *optional 

  • Fun with various motifs and block designs that are  available.



Majolica tiles or commonly known as Peranankan tiles in Singapore, is a popular form of décor in Singapore between 18th Century and early 20th century.

This activity allows:

  • Participants to let their creativity loose and explore their imagination

  • Use of templates, guides and colouring materials. Once tile is designed and coloured, each participant will spray the tile with a clear sealer.


Each participant will also get a cork coaster that they can attach at the bottom on the tile to make it a functional art piece.

Cardboard Crafts

Foam Medallions

Option of : Egg Carton Flowers / Bugs /

Cardboard Sea Creatures & Cottages


Choose one or two(2) crafts for your event to entertain the kids.


This activity allows:

  • participants to enjoy painting

  • Learn to assemble the craft

  • Simple but lets a kid's mind to relax and concentrate in painting

  • adults to enjoy crafting their own floral bouquet while doing good for the environment (recycling)



Tailored for a sports event for the community, corporate or private event! The children, youth and adults totally loved it! Each participant gets to create a personalised foam medallion for themselves.


Easy but addictive! Particpants kept wanting to make more than one!


Partipants will :

  • explore with foam and other mix media

  • customised their own personal medal that they can showcase at home

  • make a cute handmade gift for their teachers and friends

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