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wool felt flowers

Why felt flowers?


  1. Felt flower uses are fun and endless. These felt flowers can be used for :-

  2.  any occasions from weddings to everyday wear.

  3.  making a bouquet    

  4.  attaching to crochet or cloth hat, fit for baby through adults.

  5.  fabulous looking brooch pins or wedding boutonnieres and corsages

  6.  dressing up your favourite handbag.

  7.  making your own fav flower ring.

  8.  a gift topper.

  9.  turning your passion of crafts into a business.

  10.  gorgeous looking little flowers in glass jars with added moss for home decor.

  11.  floral arrangment in a vase or shadow box.


Participants will learn how to make mums - a versatile bloom and often used as the center of a flower; a plumeria (fun and classic) and a simple rose (rolled and scalloped).
Bonus: Template and instructions included for a forth flower - the geranium. A felt kit is prepared for each participant which include all materials and instruction booklet that they can reference to anytime they wish.



A felt flower is the beautiful alternative to a fresh one as it is durable and long-lasting. No water added!


Learn the basics of how to make a felt flower so that you can make venture into creating our own hair accessory, brooch pin, bouquet, garland and home wall decor. It is great for the man who would love to surprise his lady with a pretty vase of blooms in the office, at home or gift them as a bouquet.

Time  : Two (2) hours
Price : $80
Capacity : 4-10 pax

Team of 10, please email us for group discount.




Every fresh flower that grows and blooms, stands tall on its own stalks with pride. So does every felt flower. Best part, no watering needed!

Each participant will have fun learning how to make various wool felt flowers that each blooms on its stalk where they can then be arranged into a vase or assembled into a beautiful  bouquet.

This workshop is for both beginner and intermediate maker. Once they have master the technique of DIY flowers, they can make a bouquet that is meant to last for every occasion for their loved ones! Great thought for Valentine’s, birthdays and Mother’s Day!

Open to both ladies and gentlemen.

wool felt flower stalks

What flowers are blooming?
  • Candace : a simple rolled rose

  • Anemone : a curious little flower that comes with a small felt bud and frills.

  • Calla Lily : simple and elegant

  • Wild leaves : Dusty miller and Eucalyptus

  • Peony : a more intricate flower

  • Craspedias : Billy buttons

Time : Three and half (3.5) hours
Price : $ 150
Capacity: 4-6 pax



Enjoy two (2) ready-to-shower-me-with felted soaps  the moment you get home after the workshop; one for you and one for your little/loved one! Feel the difference instantly.


Can you think of a more fun way to spend two hours with your little one or with a friend? We can't! The two-hours will get your fingers wet and soapy you're bound to have a really great time!


Felted soaps makes bath time so much fun and they double up as a washcloth/scrubby as well as a soap... all in one. How convenient! Use as is. Just wet and scrub away.


Experience includes:


  • Master the art of both wet felting and needle felting using 100% wool wisps.

  • 2 felted soaps that you can use the moment you get home after the workshop

  • Unleash your creativity

felted soap

Time: Two (2) hours

Price : $80
Capacity : 4 - 12 pax

Keep your cup cozy and add a pop of colour to your dining or office table with this practical and adorable felt balls coaster. It will be perfect for hosting a dinner or tea party. Or protect your coffee table from any heat transfer. It will be the envy of your colleagues and guests! Makes a perfect house warming gift.


For this workshop, each participant will learn how to create a round coaster using cute little felt balls that are handmade by Nepalese women. Through this, you are also supporting the under privileged women community in Nepal.


Materials and instructions provided to make 2 felt balls coasters. **Hand-sewing required.


Time : Two (2) hours

Price : $70
Capacity : 4-8 pax

felt balls coaster

rubber carving

Block printing has been so popular lately; they popped up at all craft and artisan markets, fairs and made into merchandises. Imagine making your very own canvas or fabric creation!


In this workshop, participants will learn the techniques of rubber carving where they will then print onto a canvas fabric. They will also learn how to create a clever no-sew drawstring bag.


This basic techniques of carving can be done on rubber block or linoleum which are essential to block printing.


Participants will walk away with a cute drawstring bag made of premium canvas that they design and assemble. Awesome and cute ways to pack gifts or favours for weddings, parties and dinners.


  1.   Learn basic rubber carving

  2.   Block printing onto premium canvas with fabric paint

  3.   Make a drawstring bag - no sewing required.





Time : Two (2) hours

Price : $88

Capacity: 6 - 12 pax

felt succulents & clay planter


Do you ever wish that you have green thumbs so that you can grow pretty flowers and green plants? No worries!

Strike off 'learn a new skill' off your new year resolution list. It is time to learn how to make your own garden with no watering necessary yet still gives you the pretty spread of greens and colours that is therapeutic to the eyes.

For those who are not a gardening aficionado, felt succulents are perfect for me. They are so versatile you can place them practically anywhere, including in the English teacups

Participants will be making three (3) different types of succulents (cacti family) and 3 clay planters that the succulent will sit in.


They are so pretty and everlasting and will beautify a space immediately!


Materials and templates will be provided in the felt succulents craft kit for every participant. Materials include imported wool blend felt from US.

It is great for those who love the greens and plants but has no green thumbs! These plants will not die on you!


Look forward to :

  1. Experiment and explore the texture of clay and how to manipulate it.

  2. Use of given templates to create cute planters

  3. How to attach clay together

  4. Create three(3) different designs of succulents

  5. Feel the difference of wool felt



Time : Three (3) hours

Price : $78
Capacity : 4-10pax


felt mobile


Have you ever wondered how to customise your new baby’s room or whats the perfect gift to bring to a baby shower? The best kind of gift is always handmade!

Or perhaps you are looking for a new product for your handmade business? This is a great customised product for your shop.

OR treat your little one for a fun day of crafting a project for his or her room. Your precious one will love it for sure! It is also a great escape from all the tech gadgets and they get to exercise their fingers and motor skills.

Felt mobile is a fun project and experience for mothers and non-parents! They can totally be customised to fit a study, an office, family room and shops/boutiques!

Participants will jump into the world of endless possibility with felt mobiles. For this workshop, they will learn :-


  1. Basic use and techniques of making a felt mobile

  2. Create a cloud and stars or hearts or teardrops mobile in a 3 hour workshop

  3. Learn how to attach and hang the mobile


All materials and instructions provided.

Time: Three (3) hours

Price : $78
Capacity : 4-8pax

If you are looking for workshops for your company; team bondings, private dinners, enrichment courses, etc, contact us for corporate rates (group of 10 minimum).


Please let us know :-


1) Number of partipants

2) Date and time of event

3) Which workshop you are interested in


We hold workshops at your work place. If you need an external space, the cost of space will be included accordingly.


Thank you and craft on! It is great for mind and finger mobility!

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